Adaptable Enclosures Systems

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Eastern Metal Supply's Adaptable Enclosures Systems Provide Attractive Security for a Variety of Needs

Lake Worth, FL Aug 15, 2020 -Every property has some less-than-appealing sections that could benefit from a little visual enhancement. Garbage dumpsters, pool apparatus and air conditioning equipment, can be unsightly but are an integral part of many facilities. Fortunately, you can dress up these areas quickly and easily with an enclosure that matches or accentuates existing decor.

Selecting the right enclosure, such as one built with Eastern Metal Supply's complete line of fence, gate and wall sections, can turn eyesores like garbage cans or dumpsters into an appealing feature. At the heart of EMS' welded enclosure fence and gate systems are the sturdy self-mating and interlocking panels that provide a variety of options to allow the designer or fabricator to create the look they desire. The plug-and-play system also easily creates commercial and residential fencing, balcony dividers, interior partitions and even post and panel signage.

Protect valuable infrastructure such as air handlers and pool equipment by surrounding it with an attractive enclosure that delivers security while enhancing the look of your property. This equipment can be sensitive, and even inadvertent contact can lead to damage or injury. Vented wall panels can restrict visibility while providing airflow, offering the perfect balance of aesthetics and function. Open mesh panels can be strategically placed to give hard-working HVAC or similar equipment all the air it needs while limiting access.

Adding secure storage with Eastern Metal Supply's enclosure components is simple. Use the variety of panels to provide total privacy, keeping valuables like high-end automobiles out of sight and out of mind. Mix and match tongue and groove, Hardie Board planks, and even Endeck PVC board to provide good-looking security. Posts are available for inline, corner and end positions, with baseplates that make fastening to a variety of substrates simple. Weld-on hinge brackets let you turn any panel into a gate, matching the look of the rest of the fence while providing access points wherever needed.

Whatever the need, EMS' innovative fencing solutions deliver. The 3" universal enclosure system also provides easy customization for railing projects, parking garages, security cages or decorative screening. Installers can easily mix multiple width slats to achieve unique designs or match existing structures with common profiles.

Eastern Metal Supply has provided the construction industries with the components and materials to build the best for nearly four decades, setting the bar for service and professionalism. EMS controls all the processes from manufacturing to delivery to ensure their customers always receive the best. Contact them to see how that commitment to quality and service can benefit your business and your bottom line.