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    Features & Benefits

    Tested to ASTM E 330, E 1886 & E 1996 Protocols and passed the Large Missile Impact Test as well as +/- 60 psf for both the Design and Static Load Testing.

    Meets or exceeds standards for IBC/IRC (engineered drawings available).

    Approval has been applied for TDI.

    Offers the appearance of a more decorative, thin-lined traditional shutter.

    Increase LEED Rating of your "Green" Project.

    Cost effective for commercial applications.

    New pre-fabbed side rails & mullions eliminate need to mechanically fasten the blades, resulting in labor reduction of over 50% compared to traditional Colonial shutter assemblies.

    Easy & Fast mechanical frame fastening assembly resulting in a functional product.

    Provided in mill finish to allow the fabricator the flexibility to match colors to the building design after assembly.

    Upscale look providing a durable product for years to come with little maintenance.


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