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Misc and Custom Shapes

Custom Aluminum Extrusions:

A huge percentage of EMS' business and one of the greatest values we bring to our customer base is our ability to stock your proprietary shapes on our floor and deliver them to you precisely when needed. This simple process frees up your floor space for more efficient manufacturing, increases inventory turns, and frees up your cash to allow you to better invest in the growth of your business.

More importantly, we are pros in the aluminum extrusion industry. We are going to carefully analyze your needs and expertly match your aluminum extrusions to the right extrusion press capable of giving you the optimum benefit and specifically meet your needs. Putting your extrusion dies at the wrong mill can be a disastrous decision. Let our experts guide that process. Our sales team is more than just a print "picker-uppers." We are going to ask you insightful questions that ensure we provide you with aluminum extrusion you need. Furthermore, if you involve us early in the process, we can often offer design suggestions that result in a better shapes with less likelihood of tolerance issues or die breakage. Let EMS leverage their 100,000,000 pound + buying power for you.

Miscellaneous Shapes:

One thing EMS does very well is to use our experience in the industry to help you find aluminum extrusions you need without necessarily having to pay to have a new die built. There are various industries that have developed open tooling that allow us to provide our customers with a custom extruded aluminum profile without going through the step of buying a new die.

For this reason, we can often help you fulfill orders cost effectively in a myriad of different industries. You will see industry specific unique shapes as varied as louvers or concrete form T-rails for the construction industry, bleacher planks for seating or making benches and picnic tables, or aluminum extrusions to make oil booms etc. So, if you need an aluminum extrusion but can't seem to find it, call our experts to help you out.

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