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EMS has a large selection of aluminum sign frame extrusions. We offer a variety of sizes with and without retainers.

Sizes Include:

  • 13" - without Retainer
  • 12" - with and without Retainer
  • 10" - with and without Retainer
  • 9" - Single Face
  • 8" - Stackable Sign Frame (retainers available)
  • 7" - with and without Retainer
  • 6" - with and without Retainer
  • 4" - with and without Retainer
  • SIGNgineer Senior - with and without Retainer
  • SIGNgineer Junior - with and without Retainer

We also offer a sign frame retainer angle for each of our sign frames. Giving you the flexibilty and customization you need to handle all types of jobs.

We also have an extensive stock of raceways & raceway lids, flex face signage, retainers, double tees, half-round posts, and a full line of aluminum standards and sheet products .

We also carry Square Tube, Angle and a full line of Awning Extrusions and Accessories.

Proud Members of the following Sign Associations:


» ISA: International Sign Association

» USSC: United States Sign Council


» FSA: Florida Sign Association


» SESA: Southeast Sign Association

» NSSA: Northeast States Sign Association

» MSSA: Mid South Sign Association

» VaSa: Virginia Sign Association


» MSSA: Mid South Sign Association

» TSA: Texas Sign Association

» GHSA: Greater Houston Sign Association

» GDFWSA: Greater Dallas Ft. Worth Sign Association

» SASA: San Antonio Sign Association

» ASA: Austin Sign Association

» OSA: Oklahoma Sign Association


» MSA: Missouri Sign Association

» ISA: Illinois Sign Association

» WSA: Wisconsin Sign Association


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