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Aluminum extrusions literally shape our world. This huge and growing market shaped EMS’ early vision of being a first-class supplier of aluminum products based on quality and excellent customer service. We’ve since grown EMS into a multi-faceted Value Added Services Distributor. Offering solutions and expertise to our customers enabling them to grow their business!

Founded by Susie Walsh, Greg Weekes and Glen Magaldi in 1982, Eastern Metal Supply started with just 5 employees and has grown to employ nearly 800. Our single Florida location has also grown into fifteen nation-wide distribution centers and manufacturing facilities, totaling nearly 2 million square feet. These locations focus on the distribution and value added services for aluminum extrusions and sheet products. EMS has earned a reputation throughout the United States as a first-class supplier of aluminum products based upon the principles of excellent service and quality. Our goals are three-fold; to serve our customers profitably through the sale of high quality aluminum products; to provide a healthy work environment for our employees; and to make a positive contribution to our communities.

With fifteen strategic locations, EMS and our subsidiaries service the entire United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Most of our customers are on established routes and receive frequent deliveries via company trucks manned by company drivers.

Lake Worth, FL is home to the EMS Support Center, which stands at 147,000 square feet, plus the Tigress Marine and Contract Fabrication facility of approximately 40,000 sq. ft. FL also has three locations in West Palm Beach. The original location is dedicated to Hurricane Shutter Manufacturing and stands at 113,000 sq. ft. while the TPX location contains 110,000 square feet and the newly opened TLC location stands at 125,000 square feet. Our warehouse in Lakeland is 215,000 square feet. EMS FL serves the state of Florida, southern parts of Alabama and Georgia as well as the Caribbean. 

Our NC facility, located in Charlotte, was opened in 1989 and stands at 112,000 square feet. EMS North Carolina serves the Southeastern, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeastern United States. In an effort to reach more aluminum extrusion customers, we opened a 55,500 sq. ft. distribution center in Newark, DE and our newest addition of 67,000 sq. ft. in Atlanta, GA opens in January 2019.

To increase our western footprint we opened EMS Texas in Houston in 1995. Houston has expanded multiple times and currently stands at 144,000 square feet. Due to a rapid increase in sales, we added another TX location in Dallas in January 2019 (93,000 sq. ft). In the Summer 2021 we opened a facility in Hammond, LA which includes storm shutter manufacturing. EMS TX and LA serve the Southwestern United States, Mexico and Central America.

In 1999 EMS Missouri opened in St. Louis. EMS MO serves the Midwest plus Kentucky and West Virginia, as well as Western Pennsylvania and Western New York. The Northwestern United States west of Ohio and all of Canada are also served from this location. In 2013 EMS MO acquired 7 acres of land in St Charles, MO and has completed construction of a new facility at 68,000 square feet. An additional 46,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space will be added as demand increases with a total build of 114,000 square feet. The move allows for increased productivity, expanded aluminum extrusion inventory, additional space for a future fabrication center, as well as room to accommodate future growth for increased distribution. Our newest addition to grow our presence in the Midwest includes a 80,000 sq. ft. warehouse in the Stowe/Akron, OH area allowing us to deliver on our own trucks to all of Ohio as well as Southern Michigan, Western Pennsylvania, NW New York and N West Virginia.

EMS is still privately held and continues to be led by Greg Weekes, one of its original owners. We are also growing the company by acquisition, in 2007, we expanded our aluminum extrusion fabrication services by acquiring Marine Manufacturing Company. Now EMS FL as well as EMS TX offer sophisticated value added solutions for all industries. We can work with your engineers and designers to reduce start-up time by utilizing our Solid Works (CAD) software and manufacture your extruded aluminum parts on EMS' sophisticated fabrication machinery.

September 2015 saw the purchase of Tigress Trading Company Inc. and Tigress Specialty Metals Products Manufacturing, Inc. EMS has a long term commitment to manufacturing and distributing marine products including anodized pads, hardware, BDA pipe, rod holders and electronic boxes. The Tigress acquisition has further strengthened EMS' foothold in the salt water sports fishing industry as we continue to bring a high quality and diverse product line to our marine customers.

"Just-In-Time Delivery" is the backbone of our business today. With EMS stocking inventory and shipping it as needed, our customers utilize their own floor space more profitably for manufacturing operations and benefit from significant cash flow improvements as well. This service provides assurance that the aluminum extrusion products they use will be there when needed. We also have our own fleet of over 100 trucks to ensure reliable service within our delivery areas.

We take pride in our employees and the service they provide to our customers. It is because of them that we are a successful company today and we sincerely appreciate their efforts and dedication. Service and quality are the keys to our success and will always be our main priorities. As a result, in the forty plus years we have been in business, EMS has earned a reputation as a first class supplier of aluminum products.