Boat Trailers
EMS is your premier source for aluminum extrusions and components for building aluminum boat trailers. Our extensive inventory is geared towards supplying all aluminum products needed by boat trailer manufacturers. We take pride in our special alloy/temper composition, which offers unmatched strength characteristics and superior surface quality on our I-Beams, ensuring durability and performance. Furthermore, EMS goes the extra mile for our boat trailer customers by providing value-added services and a wide range of complimentary products ready for immediate shipment. From pre-fabricated aluminum bunks to guide poles, fenders, step pads, bunk brackets, and end caps, we have all the essentials covered. Our boat trailer extrusions offer a rust-free product with high strength-to-weight ratios, fast assembly times and a superior finish, making them the ideal choice for your boat trailer manufacturing needs. Additionally, our boat trailer components have a universal design for compatibility with most trailers. This gives the customer an efficient and cost-effective replacement parts service. Choose EMS for top-quality aluminum solutions that simplify your boat trailer projects.