Complete Outdoor Living Spaces with Easy Lift Roll Shutters from Eastern Metal Supply

   Posted on 9/8/2022 by EMS   |

Lake Worth, Florida (September 06, 2022) - One of the most important aspects of hurricane preparedness is finding a product that provides the utmost in hurricane protection while being efficient, inexpensive and easy to install.

Eastern Metal Supply has just such a product that delivers a new solution to keeping property safe during storm season with their new hurricane shutters, the Easy Lift Roll Shutter.

This revolutionary single-wall, rolling door shutter system uses a process to extrude the 6063-T6 high tensile strength aluminum, resulting in a product that offers the same storm protection at half the weight of its predecessors. That means lower cost and easier installation.

When built into a new home, Roll Shutters are virtually invisible and can be closed via an electric motor. When closed, the shutters provide not only storm protection but also protection from theft or forced entry, as well as privacy and sun and shade control.

The Easy Lift Roll Shutter system can be controlled manually by a crank or remotely utilizing a motorized system.

EMS' new Easy Lift Roll Shutter is a game changer, coming in nearly 50% lighter than a double-wall shutter. The single-panel shutter is stronger and easier to install than its predecessors. The new system eliminates many issues, with the lighter weight allowing for smaller, more efficient controlling motors. Storage, manufacturing, transportation, and installation are all less expensive, and automation is easier to control.

EMS has also removed the guesswork from installation, as there is no need for modifications out of the box. The Easy Lift Roll Shade can be tied into a normal business routine without worrying about mechanical kinks or flaws. The included build sheet covers all aspects to avoid time-consuming delays and troubleshooting.

Installation of this user-friendly system is as simple as putting it together. The Easy Lift Roll Shade comes with holes pre-drilled in the tracks, and the motor is already set in the overhead box. The lighter, single wall blade makes installation easier overall, almost like putting together building blocks.

And EMS provides online training for installers, owners, manufacturers and sales teams.

Plus, the multiple system integration means several upsell opportunities for installers.

The Easy Lift Roll Shutter can be installed as a spring-operated system, with incremental spring torsion adjustability and quick deployment, allowing it to be rolled up or pulled down by hand with no need for electrical or motorized equipment.

The fabricated shutters can also be installed as a motor-operated system, utilizing a choice of Simu/Somfy Motors and components or Dooya Motors and components. Solar powered or Alexa/Google Home compatible motor options are also available.

There is even a Gear Operated option, allowing for manual operation with Crank and Universal that requires no electrical or motorization installation.

The Easy Lift Roll Shutter selling points include being easy to install, safe and economical. It's extremely weather resistant and excellent for indoor and outdoor security applications. It provides UV protection and heat reduction. It features a significantly reduced hood size and allows for kitted or boxed shutter units. There's also a large inventory of Roll Shutter components available.

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