Custom Stock-And-Release Programs

"Just-In-Time Delivery" is the backbone of our business today. With EMS also stocking your custom inventory and shipping it as needed, our customers utilize their own floor space more profitably for manufacturing operations and benefit from significant cash flow improvements as well. This service provides assurance that the aluminum products used will be there when needed. We also have our own fleet of over 100 trucks to ensure reliable service within our delivery areas.

  • Warehouse Extension - EMS can store material on our floor for you.
  • Improved Cash Flow - Smaller shipments as you need them. Better utilize your own floorspace for more efficient manufacturing.
  • Material Availability - Have the peace of mind knowing your material is on our floor for you to access as needed.
  • Policy Terms - EMS will hold material in our warehouse for you, allowing you to release material during this time frame. See your sales representative for additional details.